Sunday, 6 January 2013

3 Clams on an Outage - Hampshire January 5th 2013

Off early doors down to Hampshire, arriving at Farlington Marshes in drizzle and murk. Year ticking began as the light improved - brents, shelduck, little egret, waders and a stonechat. Tom, Ollie and I [Captain] walked around the long sea wall perimeter but couldn't find the regular red-breasted goose here.

                                                 Farlington Marshes , looking over to Hayling.

I met the warden whose name escapes me as he towered a foot higher than I. He told us of the bird's favourite haunt at Tangier Field nearby. We soon found it and Ollie was heard to shout those wonderful birder's words, "I've got it!"
Red-breasted goose UTB and a lifer for Tom.

Breakfast/lunch for all and then 2 loaves of bread to entice the ring-billed gull at Gosport. It remained unenticed so we went down to the nearby creek to see if it was there. It wasn't but 4 Med' gulls were. Met Martin from Milton Keynes who we'd last met at last year's short-billed dowitcher at Lodmoor.
We were walking back to the car when it was to be my turn to shout those same words. Ring-billed gull on the causeway; here for it's 12th winter with the original finder there as well.

Off to Lakeside Country Park near Eastleigh and 3 hawfinches easily seen.

Day ended with 63 bird species seen. All happy with good quality birds, company and food. Shame Malteser Man wasn't with us. Get well soon mate!


  1. RBG x 2

    Nice to meet up with you CLAM lads again, and thanks for the shout for RBG#1. After that I followed your directions to Tangier Road but no sign of RBG#2. Another birder arrived to ask if I'd seen the goose because he hadn't at Farlington. Not good news. So in fading daylight I arrived at the marshes more in hope than anticipation. I was told where the geese gather and set off. Two separate departing birders hadn't seen it but I eventually found the birds and started scanning gazillions of grazing geese in the gathering gloom. Then a fox sent half the field up! Another birder said he'd seen it from a better vantage point further around, so mindful of the fox out there, I moved asap. And there it was. Quite distant, rubbish light and only for five minutes, then the whole lot took flight. So two lifer ticks snatched from the jaws of dippage. Please give my best wishes to Malteser Man and I hope to see you all again some time.

    Milton Keynes

  2. No worries Martyn, glad you connected in the end!

    OLLY Clam.