Tuesday, 1 May 2012

.Near Death on the M40!

This is a tribute to our main driver - Jason Oliver. When a car aquaplanes whilst in the outside lane of the M40 one expects hospital. Instead Jason managed to control the car and got us safely, not only to the hard shoulder and the nearby motorway cafe for calming coffee but also to the white storks in Oxfordshire. Only problem was the birds had gone 10 minutes before our arrival. Damn that coffee!

You saw the weather. Atrocious. When we hit deeper water, a cry of Jesus christ was heard and our car hit the side of a car in the middle lane. The stretch of motorway in question, just south of junction 15, hadn't finished causing chaos as a Mercedes did likewise; aquaplaning and hitting other cars. Result, motorway closed and miraculously no one hurt.

So, thanks Jason. You were superb.

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