Wednesday, 15 August 2012


SATURDAY 11th August 2012.

Things are quiet nationally to say the least, and with petrol prices the way they are at the moment, I decided to go over the local patch on Saturday morning hoping to find something good!

View South of the Pool.

I arrived at the Quarry pool at about 10am and parked up at my usuall place by the Pig Farm in Essington, there was 12 Swallows sitting on the wires by the farm house which was nice ,they were busy calling to each other , what were they saying ... Is it time to go yet ? Maybe ?

Started my walk down to the pool, checking the hedge rows and the old Orchard hoping for a glimse of a Spotted Flycatcher, but no such luck, it was deadly quiet a part from Jackdaws , House Sparrows , some Great Tits and a sculking Dunnock.

Hopefully there maybe something good on the pool ? Fingers crossed! This is the main incentive that all local Birders have, too go around week on week checking out every bird hoping to find that MEGA or at least something out of the ordinary, well thats what keeps me going anyway!

Opon reaching the pool I set up my scope, when I noticed a Falcon over to the right flying towards Blackcat Wood, got the bins on it, a Male Peregrine Falcon, GREAT ! Things are not that bad then!

Scanning over the pool, not a great deal - Tufted Ducks , one with a brood of Ducklings , 2 Little Grebe with two young which was great to see , and a few Coot and 3 Mallard. Nothing else much though.

Little Grebe with young.

After about an hour scanning the Pool and surrounding fields I heard a Raven calling behind me and noticed two birds which flew over me flying north, also a Yellow Wagtail Flew over and 4 buzzard circled over and that was about it really, not too bad.

Also had a Common Blue Butterfly , Gatekeepers , Cabbage White and a few Small Tortoise Butterflies.


That's it for this weekend - Roll on Shetland in 5 weeks !!!

Clam On !

Olly Clam

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