Tuesday, 21 August 2012



As two of the Clams are away on holiday, Bearded away down Cornwall with his family & Camper Van Clam, making his way back arcoss Europe, I decided to have a morning walk around the local patch Essington Quarry Pool.

I arrived up the pool at 10am, the Swallows are still on the lines chatting, I walked down down towards the Orchard on the way to the pool.

Now last week I said that I was hoping for some Spotted Flycatchers, so when I started scanning through the Orchard, what pops up a Spotted Flycatcher, GREAT ! then another and another, three birds in total, fantastic!

I watched the birds for about 3/4 of an hour, cracking looking birds constantly active, feeding and showing off on their favorite perches.

Walking up to the pool I had some Mistle Thrushes fly over and two Willow Warblers but still not a lot of birds, there was a few Gate Keeper Butterfies, 2 Small Skippers , and a Painted Lady , which was nice to see.

Up at the pool, very quiet, 4 Little Grebe now still with two young birds present, Tufted ducks, Mallard, and a few Coot. There were quite a few Hirunindes - 50+ Swallow, afew Sandmartin, a two Swift. I stayed for about an hour hoping for a Black Tern or something special to fly in but no joy, Maybe next week?

On my way back I had 4 more Willow Warbler,  2 Great Spotted Woodpeckers, 6 Goldfinch and a Grey Heron fly over, and that was about it for today, but the Spot Flys were well worth the effort.

Keep on Claming

Olly Clam.

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