Tuesday, 4 September 2012


26TH AUGUST 2012.

Eariler in the week news of a Bairds Sandpiper came up in Penbrokeshire, so as things were still on the slow side and I still needed it for my life list (Tart) I sent a text to Bart & Tom. Soon received a responce, Tom couldn't make it but Bart was in, so a pick up time was arranged for 04.30am.

View of Angle Beach.

We arrived at Angle Beach at 08.30am and the sun was out, there was already a group of Birders there scanning arross the bay. We hurried up and asked if the bird was present, but if wasn't so we set up our scopes and started scanning arcoss the beach.

After about an hour of waiting no joy just Oystercatchers , Cormorants, Gannets passing by far out at sea , and a distant Spoonbill flying over was picked up by the group of Birders who had travelled up from Kent.

Hours passed by and we had walked up and down the beach and between us all had checked the surrounding coves and beaches but still no Bairds!,

Now as it was Bank Holiday weekend and the sun was out, the beach was now filled up with holiday makers, setting up their windbreakers, playing football and dogs running around chasing balls! We were now thinking that there was no chance of this bird returning here and a Dip was on the cards.

Malteaser head's last walk down the beach (Bart).

The time now was 16.20 so with a 4.5 hour drive back home we resigned ourselves to a Dip and set off back home.

After an hour of driving we was nearly in Swansea when the pager rang out! No it can't be!!!! Yes it was the Bairds had returned!!, We both looked at each other and said sod it we have got to go back! We got off at the next junction and headed our way back, and after a quick text to Mick (one of the Kent Birders who we met) He confirmed that the bird was still there!

After a nervous hour driving back we arrived back at Angle at 18.30 and Mick was still there to greet us and put us onto where the bird was! GET IN! and thanks Mick!

The bird was feeding at the top end of the beach giving us views down to 20 feet, and wasn't bothered at all by us or the people that were still on the beach.

Classic Wheatabix pose.

feeding on Sand Flies.

We watched the bird for about 40 mins and then decided to finally head back home. I got back home at 23.30hrs, shattered but a great day!


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